Rio commemorates 83 years of the statue of Christ and 130 years of the Corcovado train

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Festive commemorations were held in Rio de Janeiro for the 83rd birthday of one of the main tourist attractions in the state capital – the monument to Christ the Redeemer. As the city’s picture post card, located in the Tijuca National Park, the site receives an average of 5,000 visitors per day. With a public that has been growing in recent years, the statue on the Corcovado mountain welcomed more than 2.3 million tourists in 2013, according to Riotur, the organization responsible for tourism in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Inaugurated on October 12, 1931, the statue of Christ, with open arms, is 38 meters high, weighs 1,145 tons, and stands 710 meters above sea level. In 2007 the monument was elected one of the new (seven) Wonders of the World, with more than 100 million votes. It is almost impossible to go to Rio and not see the statue from some point of the city.
Also in October, on the 9th, the Corcovado train completed 130 years of existence. With a mass celebrated by Father Omar, and a birthday cake, the principal means of access to the statue of Christ commemorated its anniversary.
The monument is a veritable icon of Brazilian tourism. In 2013, the sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer received 74,021 visitors during the World Youth Day, a record number of visitors for the period. During the World Cup the number of visitors was also near record, with 73,716 visitors in the second week of the Cup. The period also recorded peak numbers of tourists of around 12,000 per day, more than double the number of daily visitors in other periods of the year.